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Floating Cup Holder


  •   Lifetime Warranty on Rotomold (Marine Grade Polyethylene) Frame

  • •  4 screw assembly

  • •  Effortless usability

  • Dimensions:
      •  Height: 5½
      •  Width: 13½
      •  Width: 6½


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Braided Fender Line
  • •  ¼” x 6’

  • •  2 lines per package

  • •  Professionally spliced eye is stronger than a knot

  • •  More abrasion resistant

  • •  Stays flexible throughout its life

  • •  Can be stored wet and will not rot

  • •  Not damaged by oil, grease, gasoline, mildew or most chemicals
Gift Certificate #4
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Airhead Rip II Tube
  • •  Fin Action Steering - Great for barrel rolls and carving turns
  • •  Plastic fins sewn onto the sides of the cover
  • •  Open back design makes it easy to re-board
  • •  Heavy-Gauge PVC Bladder with RF welded seams
  • •  Double-Stitched Full Nylon Cover
  • •  Deluxe nylon handles with neoprene knuckle guards
  • •  Boston Valve for convenient inflating and deflating
  • •  Pivot Action Tow Point with Kwik-Connect for fast hook-ups
  • •  1 Rider
  • •  50” x 48 (deflated)
Trailer Bunk Carpet
  • •  Replacement carpet for boat trailers and lifts

  • •  Color: Black

  • Widths Available:
    •   •  10” 
    •   •  14”

Priced per foot, enter the number of feet in the quantity field