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High-Back Chair

•  Made in Fort Wayne, Indiana

•  Self-leveling arms designed for maximum comfort and durability

•  Self-leveling arm rests that move to remain level during the reclining process and flip out of the way when not in use

•  Fully reclineable with the touch of one lever

•  Heavy duty steel frame with fully sprung suspension
•  Frames are fully E-coated steel for corrosion resistance
•  Arm pivot pins are stainless steel to further enhance corrosion resistance

•  Foam density and shapes are selected and engineered to ensure comfort and long life
•  High grade marine foam is treated to insure compliance with ASTM E1428 and ASTM G21 standards for antimicrobial performance

•  Upper end marine grade vinyl with expanded construction for superior fit and finish
•  29 ounce grade vinyl, flame laminated for superior comfort, fit and finish and the durability of a much heavier grade of vinyl
•  UV stabilized and color fast pigments to help maintain the vinyl's original color
•  State of the art biocides to fight mold, mildew, spores and fungi
•  Topcoats engineered for marine applications to inhibit scuffing and abrasion and to promote ease of cleaning

•  Polyester, bonded, twisted multi-filament
•  Better UV resistance and excellent resistance to abrasion and bleach damage

Springfield Sliding Pedestal Kit 
•  Seat Base Pedestal (Item #1240309-DALW)
•  Seat Slide System (Item #1100521-L1)
•  Hardware Kit (Item #BN0009)

Seat Base Pedestal:
•  2-7/8” Smooth Post with 9” Round Base
•  Class: AD
•  Anodized Post
•  3 Lock-In Positions
•  Second Generation Locking Pedestal
•  For Heavy-Duty Applications (Welded Post to Base)
•  Thick Wall (.160) Post

Seat Slide System:
•  2-7/8
•  Manually Adjustable
Lake Weed Razer

  • •  Clears your lake or pond weeds in minutes

  • •  One year limited warranty

  • •  The Weed Razer is uniquely designed to be the most effective and efficient tool made for cutting submerged aquatic vegetation

  • •  Stainless steel cutting edges

  • •  Galvanized steel handle

  • •  Returns free of weeds

  • •  Clears a path 48” (4) wide on each throw

  • •  Only weighs 8 lbs.

  • •  Light enough to toss 30’ or more yet heavy enough to sink to the bottom

  • •  Able to cut in deep or shallow water

  • •  Cuts at the base of the weeds

  • •  Little resistance because it slices the water weeds rather than dragging them

  • •  Using the Weed Razer is a simple 4-step process:
    •     •  Give it a toss
    •     •  Let it sink
    •     •  Pull it in
    •     •  Repeat
Kit Includes:      
•  Weed Razer

•  Blade Covers

•  25’ of Floating Rope
•  RazerBack Blade Sharpener
•  Assembly and Usage
Bimini Brackets
  • •  Used for 1” tubing

  • •  2 brackets per package
12" Power Snips

•  Lightweight cast aluminum construction

•  Heavy duty high carbon steel cutting blades

•  Double loop handgrip

•  Full-length 3½” jaws

•  Maximum Cut Length: 2¼”

•  Length: 13”
•  Width: 4¼”
•  Height: 1½”