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Quiksilver Multi-Purpose Marine Lubricant with Cartridge Gun

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•  Multi-purpose 2-4-C marine lubricant with PTFE and cartridge gun

•  Marine grade lubricant

•  A high-quality multi-purpose lubricant designed to withstand extreme friction in all marine applications

•  Extremely water resistant

•  Will not break down when mixed with water

•  Contains rust and oxidation inhibitors to prevent corrosion

•  Contains PTFE for added friction reduction and reduced wear

Recommended Uses:
•  Steering systems
•  Cable linkages
•  Throttle and shift cables and linkages
•  Remote controls
•  Prop shafts
•  Swivel pins
•  Drive shaft splines
•  Tilt lock mechanisms
•  Tilt tubes
•  Hinge Pins
•  Trailer wheel bearings

Kit Includes:
•  Spring-Loaded Pump-Action Gun
•  1 - 3oz. Grease Cartridge
•  Flexible Hose

Model No.: 710-91-74057Q 5

Price: $25.99