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Bent Seat Hinge
  • •  Aluminum construction

  • •  Commonly used on seat base cushions

  • •  Used as a replacement hinge on Signature Premium Furniture

•  Length: 4
•  Straight Lip: 1/8
•  Bent Lip: 7/8” x 1-3/8
Flip-Flop Cover
  •   Cover Only.  Flip-Flop Seat Not Included

  •   You must have a gap between your furniture and the railing in order for the "drop over" cover to fit correctly

  • •  Made from marine cover fabric

  • •  100% polyester

  • •  Oxford weave basic fabric is water, mildew and rot resistant

  • •  Clear back coat to prevent color migration to upholstery

  • •  Will not shrink

  • •  Highly resistant to fading and abrasion

  • •  Hold down snaps included

Fits The Following:
Flip-Flop Pontoon Seat

  •  PLEASE NOTE: This furniture cover is custom made to fit the specific Signature Furniture listed on this page.  Please see the individual furniture pieces for product information & dimensions.

Excluded from 24-Hour Shipping - This item is custom made in our upholstery shop.  Please allow 7-10 business days (from the date your order is placed) before this item will ship from our facility.
12" Power Snips

•  Lightweight cast aluminum construction

•  Heavy duty high carbon steel cutting blades

•  Double loop handgrip

•  Full-length 3½” jaws

•  Maximum Cut Length: 2¼”

•  Length: 13”
•  Width: 4¼”
•  Height: 1½”
Gauge Hole Plug
  • •  Replaces unused 3 gauge hole