Security Statement

All Transactions On Are Completely Safe And Secure. Personal Information And Payment Details Entered Into The Site Are Encrypted Using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Technology. SSL Is A Security Technology That Is Commonly Used For Encrypting Communications Between Users And E-Commerce Websites, Thereby Securing Server-To-Browser Transactions. The SSL Protocol Utilizes Encryption (Data Scrambling) To Prevent Eavesdropping And Tampering With Transmitted Data, And Is Used To Secure Information Passed By A Browser (Such As A Customer's Credit Card Number Or Password) To A Webserver (Such As An Online Store). 

SSL Protects Data Submitted Over The Internet From Being Intercepted And Viewed By Unintended Recipients And Is Used By Hundreds Of Thousands Of Websites In The Protection Of Their Online Transactions With Their Customers, SSL Is The Industry Standard Internet Transaction Security Technology.